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Instant loans and sales for high-end watches, jewellery and handbags.

Instant Cash Loans

During our trading hours, we provide excellent rates, loaning against your secured loans against your goods without the need for extensive background checks. Quick, excellent returns and trusted.

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We have antique jewellery, watches and bags that are uniquely held and priced to sell. We maintain the highest quality goods, and only hold luxury products from a range high-end categrories.

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What We Loan Against

High end watches, jewellery and handbags.



We offer loans on-the-spot, at incomparable rates

Highly competitive rates


Competitive Monthly Percentages
Loans ranging from 50 to 200k


From $50 - $200,000
Extended loan periods if needed


Up to 90 days
Identification needed is minimal


Simply Present a License

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180 QUEEN STREET, Brisbane QLD 4000

Based in the heart of the city, we are minutes from the Myer Centre parking accessible from Queen Street. Also, we are just 3 minutes from Queen Street Bus terminal and just 6 minutes from Central Train Station. You can also visit us via Ferry, and we are entirely accessibly by e-Bike and Mobility Scooter options.

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On-the-spot Loans

Fast loans, simple ID requirements & great rates.

At Luxe Loans, we pride ourselves as being one of Brisbane's finest and most competitive loan and broking services. Our process is simple and our rates are amidst the best the market can offer. Simply bring in any approved 'items' and they can be leveraged as security enabling you to secure your loans fast. Providing 100 points of ID (such as a driver's license, comparable ID format or tallied ID items or documents that equate to 100 points), you'll receive an on-the-spot loan without the hassle of credit history checks, and a simple payment plan for conveniently meeting scheduled payments and receive your valuables back quickly.

Transparent Loans Today (FAQs)

How much can I loan against? We offer loans against your goods that range between $50 and $200,000.

What is your repayment period? We loan against goods which maintaining low-risk arrangements with lending parties. Although our flexible loans allow for repayments to be made at any time, our loans are offered over a 90-day time period.

What is your interest rate?
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for new loans is 60% or 5% monthly.

Are there any General Fees? There are no hidden establishment, or service fees. Service fee: $0 Manual Payment fee: $0 Establishment fee: $0

Late Fees There are no late fees for late repayments. Goods loaned against as collateral can be forfeited after loan period expiration of 90 days.

Example For a loan of $100 at the APR of 25%, you’ll end up paying $175 back over a 90 day period. Note that amounts aren’t compounded.